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RALEIGH – #NCSen jumped to number seven on the Washington Post’s ranking of the nation’s most competitive races. This comes after multiple polls were released either showing Deborah leading incumbent Senator Richard Burr, or well within the margin of error in the same weeks as Deborah released her first TV ad of the general election cycle. The ad shines a spotlight on […]

Deborah Meets With Voters, Burr Avoids Voters

RALEIGH – Another day in North Carolina and Deborah continues to meet with folks from across the state about the issues that matter most to them. But despite the Senate being on a 7-week vacation, incumbent Senator Richard Burr is nowhere to be found – once again, “Burr does not have any public events.” Not only that, […]

Burr Went to Washington and Became a Millionaire, Then Voted to Cut his Own Taxes While Raising Taxes on Working North Carolinians

RALEIGH –While in Congress, Senator Burr managed to increase his net worth by 300 percent to an estimated $2.6 million. Meanwhile, he voted to cut taxes for millionaires like himself year after year and supported measures that would raise taxes on middle-class workers. In fact, the plan he voted for would give millionaires a tax break […]

#BREAKING: Monmouth Poll: #NCSen is Statistical Tie

RALEIGH – Today, Monmouth University polling showed #NCSen is locked in a statistical tie. This comes as the latest NBC/WSJ/Marist poll showed Deborah leading by 2 points and Deborah released her first ad of the general election cycle which shines a spotlight on how incumbent Senator Richard Burr has put himself and his campaign donors before North Carolina. Additionally, […]