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Deborah: In Response To Trump’s False Election-Rigging Claims, Sen. Burr Again Puts His Own Politics First

October 20, 2016   RALEIGH –  Deborah issued the following statement on Senator Richard Burr’s non-answer regarding Donald Trump’s refusal to accept the outcome of the election this November. “The person driving these damaging claims is Donald Trump, who Senator Burr continues to not only support, but advise. Senator Burr needs to stop dodging the real question: […]

Not The Front Page He Wanted: Senator Burr Accepted Money from Companies that Shipped NC Jobs Overseas & Voted to Protect Tax Breaks for Outsourcers

Senator Burr “received more than $2 million in donations from companies that outsourced thousands of North Carolina jobs”  “Burr voted against closing corporate tax loopholes to stop corporations from outsourcing and offshoring” October 20, 2016 RALEIGH –  On the first day of early voting, Senator Burr’s struggling campaign woke up to front-page news about the […]

Deborah Ross: Senator Burr Must Release His Schedule In Wake of New Reports Showing He Skipped Nearly 70 Percent of Armed Services Committee Hearings

Records confirm Senator Burr absent from majority of his hearings, missing key discussions on national security; Only spoke at six of 84 hearings held Deborah: “I’m asking that he release his schedule so North Carolinians know why he missed these important discussions.” October 20, 2016 RALEIGH –  In the wake of reports that he missed nearly 70 […]

Deborah on the Start of Early Voting: “Go to the Polls and Make Your Voice Heard”

Deborah urges Senator Burr to reject Donald Trump for refusing to commit to accept election results October 20, 2016 RALEIGH –  Polls opened across the state this morning for early voting. North Carolinians are able to vote early with same-day, in-person registration until November 5th. More information, including rules and polling places, can be found here. Deborah […]