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North Carolina’s Editorial Boards Unite In Denouncing Senator Burr’s Politics-First Promise Of Gridlock

“This isn’t the Richard Burr we thought we knew.” “mocks the language of Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution” “very real threat to our government…”  “…Sen. Burr intends to keep playing politics…”  Burr’s hometown paper: “We endorsed him for re-election last month. And now, we expect much better from him.”  Burr boasts about perpetuating the […]

Raleigh Elected Leaders: “Senator Burr’s vile comments are beneath his office”

RALEIGH – State Representatives Grier Martin, Darren Jackson, Rosa Gill, Yvonne Lewis Holley, and Duane Hall, and former State Representative Jennifer Weiss issued the following statement today on Senator Burr’s closed-door comments about a “bullseye” on Hillary Clinton, his boasts about blocking two highly qualified judicial nominees to the Eastern District court, and his promise to continue to hold a seat vacant on the […]

Charlotte Leaders Condemn Senator Burr’s Divisive Comments

RALEIGH – Elected leaders from Charlotte, including State Senators Joel Ford and Jeff Jackson as well as State Representatives Beverly Earle, Becky Carney, and Tricia Ann Cotham, issued statements today on Senator Burr’s comments about a “bullseye” on Hillary Clinton, his boasts about blocking two well-qualified judicial nominees in the North Carolina’s Eastern District, and his promise […]

Eastern NC Leaders: We Are Appalled And Disappointed That Senator Burr Is Bragging About Generating A Judicial Emergency”

RALEIGH – Today Eastern North Carolina leaders State Senator Angela Bryant, State Representatives Marvin Lucas, Jean Farmer-Butterfield, and Bobbie Richardson, and former State Representatives Margaret Dickson and Edith Warren responded to Burr’s comments about a “bullseye” on Hillary Clinton and his promise to continue to maintain a Supreme Court vacancy for four more years unless Donald Trump […]