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Ross Statement On Trump National Security Press Conference

RALEIGH – Deborah Ross, Democratic nominee for US Senate, issued the following statement on Donald Trump’s comments encouraging countries – including Russia – to engage in a cyber-attack against the United States. Statement from Deborah Ross, Democratic Nominee for US Senate: “Comments like those made by Donald Trump are dangerous. No matter your political party, we should all be […]

ICYMI: Asheboro Courier-Tribune: “voters are eager for a change”

RALEIGH — In case you missed it, Deborah recently met with a “packed” room of voters in Asheboro who, the paper reported, are  “eager for a change.” Deborah talked about how she will “put working people first and change the system that ‘only benefits the rich;’” noting that “Burr pays more attention to big money…He has voted […]

This Week: Washington Post adds #NCSen to List of Top Ten Races Most Flip, As Burr Sets SCOTUS Obstruction Record and His Medicare Plan continues to get blasted by voters

RALEIGH– This week, the Washington Post added #NCSen to its list of top ten races most likely to change parties. This comes after Deborah out-raised incumbent Senator Richard Burr two quarters in a row and as more and more North Carolinians hear about Burr’s record of looking out for himself and the special interests, rather than the people who […]

Deborah Ross Campaign Statement On NBA Pulling All-Star Game From Charlotte

RALEIGH – The campaign for Deborah Ross, Democratic Nominee for US Senate, issued the following statement after multiple reports said the NBA is pulling the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte. The NBA came to this decision following months of refusals by Republican lawmakers in the state to repeal or change the discriminatory HB2. Statement from […]