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BREAKING: Richard Burr Personally Profited from a Company that Shipped Jobs Overseas

RALEIGH – Shortly after Deborah released a plan to help protect workers from bad trade deals, new research emerged  that showed her opponent, incumbent Senator Richard Burr, made thousands of dollars off of investments in a company that shipped jobs overseas. Burr repeatedly voted to protect tax breaks for companies that outsourced jobs during his 20-plus year tenure in […]

UPDATE FROM THE TRAIL: Deborah Continues Energetic, Grassroots Campaign in Wilmington and Greensboro, and at Rural Center Forum

RALEIGH– Deborah continues to crisscross the state, talking with voters from Murphy to Manteo as her grassroots campaign gains momentum in the polls. Recently, she’s joined voters to discuss ways to strengthen workers and families’ economic security in Greensboro and Wilmington, and with the Rural Center. Deborah met with women in Greensboro to discuss her efforts in […]

ICYMI: McClatchy: “Democrat Hammers Burr on Outsourcing of Carolina’s Jobs”

RALEIGH – While Richard Burr and his special interest allies launch desperate attacks to try to distract from his dismal record of putting himself and special interests first in Washington, Deborah is continuing to gain momentum because she’s listening to voters and is focused on the challenges they face. This week, Deborah released her own plan to […]